(Registered Acupuncturist)


   Dahlia first found her interest in acupuncture and oriental medicine when she was young. After slipping, she went in for acupuncture and first realized how a tiny filament needle could effectively decrease her ankle pain. Her interest and curiosity further grew over the years, and she decided to pursue her study in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Beijing University in China. After completing her four years of study and training, she began practicing at China-Japan Friendship Hospital. There she treated a wide range of injuries and assisted in rehabilitating her patients.

   Dahlia’s treatment philosophy is to support patients, by educating them on pain prevention and effective pain management in order to achieve and maintain a better and balanced lifestyle.

  When she is away from the clinic, she enjoys exploring local attractions and taking food tours. She loves talking about healthy diets and ethnic dishes and welcomes her patients to do the same.