(Registered Massage Therapist)


   Jack has always had a passion for athletics and believes self care is a must in todays busy world. Jack’s interest in massage therapy came from his experience with Muay Thai, weight lifting, snowboarding, and sports. He has experienced many strains and injuries from sports that made him want to learn more about self-care and rehabilitation. After experiencing the effect of massage therapy, it led him to pursue his study in massage therapy to help others.

He has participated in various outreach opportunities to broaden his experience such as, Dannia and Normanna Senior home, BCIT, and CrossFit Games. He also strived to help his clients by using a combination of hands on techniques, providing therapeutic exercise to help restore optimal functioning of their body and pain-free movements.

When not treating clients, Jack enjoys participating in Muay Thai, weight lifting, snowboarding, and eating a wide variety of food!