(Registered Massage Therapist)


   Liana strives to have an impact on people’s lives in educating and motivating them to improve their wellness and lifestyle.  She’s a Therapist and an educator and has worked for a local College in their Massage Therapy program for the past five years.

  She has taught and assisted many courses such as 

  • Mock Oral Practical Exams 
  •  Muscle Skeletal and Kinesiology lab and theory
  •  Professional Development 2 
  •  Law and Regulation
  •  Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity
  •  Consolidated Treatment 
  •  Massage Theory, Principles of Treatment 
  •  Therapeutic Exercise
  •  Systemics

  She has also worked as a Clinic Instructor in student clinic as well as in various outreaches in the community. 

  Liana focuses on the importance of how massage therapy is individualized to a client’s therapeutic preferences and needs.  She incorporates different techniques such as Cranial Sacral,  Swedish, PNF, Myofascial release and Visceral therapies with joint mobilizations, trigger point releases, therapeutic breathing and therapeutic exercises.

  She continues to learn and acquire new techniques to incorporate in her practice. When she’s not treating, you may find her hiking around Buntzen lake with her dogs.

  Liana is also a Upledger trained Cranial Sacral Therapist.